Rebel Bakehouse Moving to 100% Kiwi Flour

9 October 2019

Rebel Bakehouse and Breadcraft Wairarapa will use 100% Kiwi flour by the end of the year, the first bakery of its size in New Zealand to do so. 

Rebel Bakehouse is a brand of Breadcraft Wairarapa, a family-owned business which has been making bread for more than 75 years, supplying both national and international companies.

Chris Petersen, of Breadcraft, says the bakery will use 100% Kiwi-made flour, initially sourced from Canterbury, by the end of the year which is a significant shift for the bakery.

“Each week, we produce tens of thousands of baked goods items, and the majority contain flour. We are focusing on using homegrown ingredients where possible, to support our focus on sustainability, future foods and support for local businesses. We are also growing our own crickets, and sourcing Wairarapa-grown hemp, so it made sense to close the loop and use 100% Kiwi flour,” says Chris Petersen.

Breadcraft has rolled out a Future Food programme, aimed at reducing its environmental footprint.  Work to date has been recognised by the Sustainable Business Network in its annual awards, with Rebel Bakehouse a finalist in the Transforming Food Category, to be announced next month. 

While some specialty ingredients - like the purple corn used in Rebel Bakehouse’s wrap range - will continue to be sourced from overseas, Chris Peterson says these ingredients need to be sustainably grown and farmed. 

“What we use in our products needs to be good for the planet and good for you. Ultimately, we want to keep production as close to home as possible - producing what we can from ingredients sourced from the Wairarapa, and New Zealand, as well as using ingredients which are better for the environment.

“Hemp is a crop which requires less in the way of water or pesticides to grow and is a complete protein source. Crickets require a fraction of the land and water traditional livestock need, but also provide high levels of proteins and essential vitamins and minerals.

“Using 100% Kiwi flour is an important step in our Future Food Programme, as well as supporting Kiwi businesses,” says Chris Peterson.